Interactive installation
Hyperscratch ver.8 Shadowdancer

This is an interactive installation. There is a wide screen in front of participants, on which some real-time images appear in response to the movement of each part of the body of the participant. The images on the screen consist of 100 square grids in total (10~10 grids), and many square images repeatedly appear and disappear according to the movement of each part of the body of the participant. For example, when one moves his right hand in the space on his upper right, some square images appear in the upper right part of the screen. When he moves his whole body to the left some square images move according to the movement of his body. In addition, when he moves back and forth, different sounds and images are created in the same way. The sound assigned to each image also comes out in real time along with the image. Thus, even if one moves in any directions, right and left, back and forth, and up and down, sounds and images come out in real time in response to his movement. Any participants can experience this system by freely moving their bodies in it.

The characteristic features of this system are as follows.

Anyone can easily experience this system:
Anyone, even if he is a child or an elderly person, can freely participate in and easily operate it without using special tools or methods. It is possible to experience it by moving hands, feet and head, or by freely moving around using every part of the body, sometimes rapidly and sometimes slowly. Sounds come out and images appears, rapidly and faithfully responding to every movement. It provides participants with moderate exercise, and, as a result, they can be relaxed mentally and physically



As to each sound and image to be used in this system, we decided to select simple ones. Although each sound and image are simple, they are so designed that a kind of beautiful image or music will be made up as a whole when they come out simultaneously or in succession. Although high technologies are used in this system, the expression using suppressed simple sounds and images will stimulate the creativity of the participants, and various unique images will be aroused in their mind. In the world of recent computer graphics, where the excessive expressions are prominent, this is rather a risky trial, but it is our challenge. The purpose of this system is not to surprise participants by excessive expressions but to let them show their own creativity and to relax their mind.

Many persons can participate at any one time:
So long as the space permits, two or more persons can experience this system at one time. Through such experience, unexpected communication will happen between them. In addition, there is no time restriction in enjoying this system. Anyone can enjoy it as long as he likes and can stop it whenever he likes. In some cases, it is also possible to freely join someone else who is experiencing it.
We hope that the sounds and images created by the free movement of the bodies of the participants will provide them with a happy time and space as mentioned above.

Equipments/Space Requirement