interactive installation

Hyperscratch ver.7 AD2000

Hyperscratch ver.7 AD2000 is a work which generates various sounds and images in real time based on the movement of the participant's hands in space.

This is an interactive work which generates various sounds and images based on the motions of a participant's hands in a space. An invisible three-dimensional grid omposed of hundreds of cells extends within the reach of the participants hands.As the participant's hands move up and down, forward and backward,and side to side, a different sound or image is instantly generated by each cell that it passes through. The direction from which the sounds and images come can also be changed by the motions of the hands. Since there are no complex operations and space itself is turned into an interface, a participant can enjoy sounds and images as he freely moves his body in a wider area. Also, by making the screen an extension of the hands, operation is continuous, allowing the participant to concentrate without interruption.

VideoFest96 Berlin Berlin,Germany 1996
Multimedia Grandprix96 Gifu Gifu,Japan1996