interactive installtion
Hyperscratch ver.1


Hyperscratch ver.1 is a piece which generates various sounds and images in real time by touching the touchscreen monitor of computer.

Needless to maintain the DISNEY's "FANTASIA",I think that integration of sound and visual image has been a universal theme in the history of visual art. To get closerto the artistic goal I submit an idea of "Hyper Scratch". It presents active andcreative space and system which have interactivety just like TV game in which any person can easily take part. The perfectrly realtime synchronization of sound and image can be realized through personal computer. Touch panel is set on a monitor of personal computer for any person without technical knowledge can interactively operate the image ,sampled sound. The sounds and image created by the participants through touch panel are compounded to the rhysm sound and replayed image which are present by digital sampler and computer to activate the space. Using liquid crystal projectors the image is projected on 100-inch screen. At the same time the sound comes out . To seek further possibility of my idea I have plans of having performance of live sound and image,preparing a dancing floor forparticipants,installing screens on all sides ans so on to create virtual andinteractive space.


I want to take afurther look at contemporary society, international situation, technology and communiation tool . TV,radio, fax and personal computer are said to have taken an active part and the activists used these tools to have a world wide commnication in various events like the collopsc of the Soviet Union.Easter Europe revolutions and Tiananmon Square. Laqck of Communication between nation might have been amajor factor whichcaused sad history like World War ll. InVietnam War and The Gulf War which were called TV War real-time reports on television changed the contents of the battle. Political system exists under information control andthought control.Ifpeople recieve international information direct ly without control of the ruler,it willo become difficult to maintain the political system. The Cold War structure has been broken and the world hasbecome diversfied.It isgetting dangerous to depend on existing political system and value.Now the thinking of each per son has become very important. Tools like ISDN will enable personl and quickexchange nof a big amount of information.And the conventional letter-based data will be replaced by the visual image and sound with high quality and speed .thismeans that linguistic communiacation which is very much limited will bedeclined.And more deep ,free and direct communication between various linguistic and cultural backgrounds will be realized. The north Korea which is very close toJapanand has limited communication to the rest of the world has become the centerof the nuclear problem and created an international tension. I am concernd aboutthis matter,since I am living in the country which was atom-bombed.

Hyperscratch ver.1
SONY ART ARTIST AUDITION,Yokohama,Japan (1992)

Hyperscratch ver.1 with vdeo
ARTEC93 APERTO Domestic Invitational Exhibitionbr
Nagoya Science Museum,Nagoya (1993)

Hyperscratch ver.1 with keybord
Exhbton for Award Wnners,SOMDO Hall,Tokyo,Japan (1992)

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