Haruo Ishii is a media artist who has been engaged in making interactive installations and sound installation. He has made various pieces with a view to constructing an environment where anyone can control sounds, lights and images freely without any restrictions. He is an Associate Professor in Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. His work has been shown at SIGGRAPH(93,94,96,98,99,01 ), at ARTEC (93,95,97), at ISEA (95,98), at Lovebytes(02), at Prix Ars Electronica(97,03),at European Media Art Festival(94,99), at sightsonic(03).


sightsonic 2003/ Clifford`s Tower, York, UK
Prix Ars Electronica-International Competition of Cyberarts 2003, Honorary Mentions/ OK Center, Linz, Austria


open-air media art "alternative moments" ISEA2002,MEDIASELECT PROGRAM,OASIS21,Nagoya,Japan
Laval Virtual 2002 /Laval,France


ARTPORT2001,Digital Agito/Artport,Nagoya,Japan
SIGGRAPH2001 Art Gallery N-Space/Los Angels Convention Center,Los Angels,USA


Media Select2000 "resolution" Artport,Nagoya,Japan
" Nuits savoureuses " 2000 ,Belfort,France


SIGGRAPH 99 Art Gallery: technOasis
/Los Angels Convention Center,Los Angels,USA
Media Select99/Artport,Nagoya,Japan
European Media Art Festival/Osnabrueck,Germany
Digital Salon in Europe/Lisbon,Portugal
Digital Salon in Europe/Canalie Island,Spain
Digital Salon in Europe/Sala de Exposiciones CAM Alicante, Spain
Digital Salon in Europe/Circulo de Bellas Artes/Madrid,Spain
Digital Salon in Europe/Triennale di Milano/ Milano,Italy
Digital Salon in Europe/Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona,Barcelona,Spain


6th Annual New York Digital Salon 1998/Visual Arts Museum,New York,USA
ISEA98 revolution/Unity Theatre,Liverpool,England
Tenpozan Gendaikan/Osaka,Japan
Siggraph98/Orange County Convention Center,Florida,USA


T-BRAIN CLUB,Tokyo International Museum,Tokyo,Japan
Gallery NAF/Nagoya/Japan
ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL97 Flecshfactor/ARS ELECTRONICA Center,Linz,Austria(1997-1998)
Cyber criacao na era digital/CENTRO CULTURAL DE BELEM,Lisbon,Portugal


Video Fest 96 Berlin/Podewil,berlin,Germany
Multimedia Grandprix Gifu 96/Oogaki,Japan
SIGGRAPH 96,Bridge,The Art Show/New Orleans Convention Center,New Orleans,USA
Digital Christmas/Iwataya Z-SIDE,Fukuoka,Japan


Artec95/Nagoya scince Museum,Nagoya,Japan
12 World/SAM Museum,Osaka,Japan
Dynamism of Technology and Art/Digital Art Gallery,Osaka,Japan
ISEA General Exhibition/Montreal,Canada


Siggraph94 Sigkids/Orange County ConventionCenter,Orlando,USA
European Media Art Festival/Dominikarnerkirche,Osnabruck,Germany


Artec93 Aperto/Nagoya science Museum,Nagoya,Japan
Siggraph93 Machine culture-Virtual frontier/AnaheimConventionCenter,Anaheim,USA
SIM TV/NHK Stelite Broadcasting,Tokyo,Japan


Heart Field Gallery,Nagoya,Japan
Gallery Canolfan,Nagoya,Japan
An old warehouse in port area,Nagoya,Japan
Documenta 9 International Mobil Electronics Cafe
Nagoya Correspondence Station/
Nagoya City Museum,Nagoya,Japan
SONY ART ARTIST AUDITION/Seiko Ito award,Art Dulinskyaward/Tokyo,Japan
Documenta 9 International Mobil Electronics Cafe
Fukui Correspondence Station
/Fukui Art Museum,Fukui,Japan
Hyperfree Circuit Jetty East C4B/Nagoya/Japan
Forest of Ion /Jetty East C4B,Nagoya,Japan
Multimedia Art'92,'93/Nagoya Citizen Gallery,Nagoya,Japan

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